Wholesale Part Worn Tyres

Get wholesale part-worn tyres 
in Hamilton, Scotland

We give you the best value for your money.

Quality tyres for cars, 4X4s and light commercial vehicles

Get fully safety checked tyres in bulk for your business. Our tyres are sourced from reliable tradesmen and are professionally serviced and checked by our team. Our prices start from as low as £10 and our collection includes tyres by leading manufacturers. We have up to 7,000 part-worn tyres and our customers include local business and large retailers in Scotland. We also cater to small orders of new and part-worn tyres. You can email your requirements at thetyrefactory@yahoo.com or call us on 01698 285 880.
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Tyre delivery

Tyre delivery

Located at a prominent location in Hamilton, just off the M74 (J6), we are happy to delivery part-worn tyres in bulk for our commercial customers.
 part-worn tyre

Our wholesale tyre prices

  • 13 - 16" - £10
  • 17 - 19" - £14
  • 20 - 22" - £18
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We are dealers of wholesale part-worn tyres in Hamilton, Scotland.
Call The Tyre Factory on 01698 285 880 for a quote.

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